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Qunote Case Management System
Mon, 29 September 2014

Qunote Case Management System

You may have seen our Qunote Case Management software featured within our projects, and with good reason: we're very proud of it. Qunote is an ongoing project for us, and has its roots in a collaboration between our developer Ethan and a brain injury case management firm called Head First. Together they built a system many years ago, and we rebuilt it in 2009 with new levels of complexity and flexibility.

Soon others in the industry began to hear about Head First's management tool, which was helping to increase their billings and improve performance. We were approached to build a system on which any organisation might work: manage their clients, case notes and billings all within their own secure account.

Qunote (previously Logitfirst) manages separate organisations' accounts, providing case managers and other care professionals with a tool to manage their business online. The system gives them the facility to manage permissions for their users, keep an accurate record of services provided and time spent, and produce their invoices straight from the system.

The Qunote system continues to evolve, and because it has been built and managed by us here at Bubblegate, we can almost always accommodate our individual clients' improvement requests. This is one of our larger bespoke web applications, but has fired our enthusiasm for more, especially in Ethan's case. He thrives on problem solving, and the many puzzles which Qunote has posed have certainly given him plenty of food for thought!

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